Behavior modification and training are done through positive reinforcement while adhering to the LIMA guidelines of professional animal training and the Humane Hierarchy. My approach includes Empowerment Training and Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT).

The scientific community has volumes of studies proving Positive Reinforcement is the way to train. But it’s my clients that prove it day in, and day out. Walks get better, human greetings get easier, seeing other dogs becomes manageable. The dogs learn what they can do differently and you learn what to do, too!



A consultation is 90min/two hours and it’s an in-depth look at your dog, behavior, the environment and your training objectives. All training begins with a consultation.


Private Lessons

Choose Private Lessons if want to work together on an as-needed basis, or at weekly intervals.


Day Training

With Day Training, I train your dog without you. Day Training frees up your time, and the responsibility of teaching the new behavior. Day Training also delivers consistency, a key to building desirable behavior.


Training Walks

This is best for busy clients who want a dog walker, but needs the skill set of a professional trainer.


Board & Train

A Board & Train package gives your dog the opportunity to receive training in a real world environment with real world experiences in my home. It’s a great way to give your puppy or adolescent the foundation he/she needs for life. (Must be compatible with resident dogs.)


Day Care and Boarding

For established Clients, I offer day care and boarding, schedule permitting.


Remote Training

Remote Training services available outside of my travel area. 


mobile: (424) 342-3077  office: (424) 224-7113