• Mischief and Mayhem Dog
    I am so thankful to have found Ellen. She has taken my unruly, energetic, 80lb dog from causing mayhem and chaos to being a well behaved and polite dog. - Rosemary & Kodiak


Okay, not so fun for you, but it might be a lot of fun for your pup. It’s certainly a way to get your attention, or to relieve their frustration, or to fulfill a need we’re not aware of.

But if you’re like me, it really stinks to always be saying, “No! Stop it! Enough!”  I totally get it.


Mischief & Mayhem = Adolescent Dogs

Adolescents (6 -18 months in age) are particularly prone to Mischief & Mayhem. So many of my puppy clients wonder what happened to their cute little one!  It’s not uncommon to see what I call “big behaviors” from our adolescents – jumping, mouthing, barking, counter-surfing – you name it, they’re trying it.

No matter the age, much of Mischief & Mayhem can be resolved with teaching your dog what you want them to do. When we come from a place of always correcting behavior, it’s very confusing to them. Plus, it can damage our relationship. Teaching them what we do want helps them understand what behaviors are best to keep everyone safe and having a good time together.

Finally, and most importantly, Mischief & Mayhem when you’re not home can sometimes be the result of some very serious emotional challenges for dogs suffering from Isolation Distress or Separation Anxiety. We’ll determine if this is the case and develop a behavior modification plan best suited for your pup and family.

Do you have Mischief & Mayhem at home? Help is Here.